My Brain in a Nut Shell

My initial reaction to Daniel Pink’s argument that society is shifting from the idea of left side brain dominance to right side as more beneficial in the work force was shock but then understanding. I was shocked at first because naturally, you would think that being very logical and fact driven would be the more valuable characteristics to have in the work force. But, after reading about the examples of John Henry and then how the people of India make significantly less than American’s that have the exact same positions, it makes sense that we would need to start leaning towards more right sided brain competencies. Almost anyone can learn the logistics of how to do something if they put the effort in, but to be intuitive and creative spurs new ideas and perspectives that no other people can do. No one is ever going to have the same thoughts or visions as you. The way we perceive things and the ideas that we come up with are always going to be unique to us which no one can “learn” to come up with these holistic ideas unless your brain focuses on these things.

The brain type test that I took gave me results of being more right side dominant with 51% while my percentage score for my left side was 49%. With these results being so closely able of going either way, it is hard to think that I am for sure right side dominant. But, I do believe that my brain ratio was somewhat accurate, being that I am a very visual person and learn better by seeing things rather than hearing them. When it comes to learning, I do like to see the bigger picture first, and then work backwards figuring out how I get to the big picture. However, I most definitely do not find it easy to express myself through art, dance, or music. I do love drawing and painting but I hate dancing and have no musical skills whatsoever. The occupations they sought helpful to me are very far off. I would never become and actress nor would I become a forest ranger.  Since my ratio for left brain and right brain were so closely equal, it is hard to say what led one side to be more dominant. I am very sensitive, emotional, and aware of others around me which I would say helps prove I am more right side dominant. But having the pressure of being the oldest of six kids and concerned with pleasing my parents probably helps with my left side being so closely dominant.

After seeing my cognitive composition, I think it allows me to realize that I do notice nonverbal behaviors without even realizing it. I am very attentive and notice many random things through out the day that most people over look. Knowing now that this is because of my brain ratio, I will start putting more thought into what I am taking in. Small nonverbal cues are easy for me to interpret and this test reassures me of my specialty. Knowing that I am creative, also helps me to see a different side of people and understand them on a different level. One way my cognitive composition might affect my relationship with others would be that I could

imagine things that are not really true. The test also says I am a nonverbal person which can be confusing to my friends and significant others when I am only expressing my feelings nonverbally. Although these things could possibly complicate a relationship, they also have the ability to be a positive attribute. Being able to feel people out and being aware of others needs allows me to connect with them on a deeper level and be more understand and caring.

It is important for people to know that my brain ratio is almost completely half and half dominancy. I consider that pretty well rounded when it comes to brain composition. I adjust to be successful at communication whether I need to be communicating with my right side or left side ideas. I am extremely attentive and like to connect with people to communicate. I always assume people are genuine and want to be friendly. In some cases I may be shy, but once I get to know a person, I break out of my shell and connect with them immediately. I open up very quickly and say what is on my mind. All of these things are helpful when it comes to communicating, which leads me to have stronger relationships with friends, family, and others.


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